Institutional Racism: Broken Windows: Macquarie University By Tim Tufuga 25th October, 2013.

Recently, I had returned to continue with my postgraduate studies towards my Master’s of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism degree at Macquarie University, Sydney, New South Wales. I had completed my two core units in the first semester not without problems with some fellow students and staff members whom had accosted me resulting in I reciprocating the banter. I was ordered to fly down to Sydney to appear before a disciplinary committee to face student disciplinary charges for misconduct. The charges, in my view, were superficial misdemeanour which I considered did not warrant expulsion from the University. Unfortunately, the bantering continued into the next semester, this time b other students and a new academic staff. With a zero tolerance attitude adopted by the Macquarie University disciplinary committee, I was expelled from the University.

I have uploaded a youtube video giving details of the charges and the circumstances of my expulsion from the University. I have blamed this occurance directly at the Queensland Justice system and the Queensland Police, for character assassination and a deliberate attempt at denigrating and to besmirch my character. I have described the deliberate actions by the police services as part of the judicature process of rendering a blacklisted persona non grata in their view as a person to be utterly degraded and denunciated, through hubris humiliation of myself through a process of public humiliation. My expulsion from the University is such a character assassination propaganda effectively utilised by the Queensland Justice system, the Department of Public Prosecution, the Queensland Correctional Services personnel, in asserting the denunciation and absolute defamation of a targeted individual.

Institutional blacklisting and defamation is an effective policing strategy used to justify their actions of arresting and to demonise a suspect offender whom has proclaimed habeas corpus such as I. The actions of the police and the Queensland Justice system towards me in my past experiences has been one in which I have considered as very institutionally hostile. The hacking of my academic work, my personal blogs, and the re-edits of my blogs and publications, have been directly attributed to the Police services and the correctional services staff within Queensland over a number of years, suffice it to say, that even my youtube comments have been subjected to infantile trolling primarily from incognito police officers. Needless to say, I have had my wordpress website compromised and my former blogs re-edited by hackers, whom I have directly suspected are law enforcement personnel, whom included my fellow students at Macquarie university, whom were Australian police officers, intelligence officers, public servants.

I have therefore published the letter sent to me from Macquarie University, detailing the circumstances surrounding my expulsion. Bearing in mind the abovementioned policing strategies of affirming denunciation and the demonization of a perceived persona non grata through a hubris public humiliation of myself, I expected that this would be the most likely and probable outcome.


131023 UDC Outcome letter Tim Tufuga (1)


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