The Australian Republican Movement update July 2012

The Australian Republican Movement is still looking for more members and activists. We are seeking true blue Australians in seeking not only the inclusion of Aboriginal rights within the constitution but to overhaul the constitution to include its own citizen as their future head of state. Unfortunately, it seems that only the intellectual elites, polticians, academics, students and military elites who seem to support the republican call. The rest of the laity seem apathetic and noncommitted to an Australian republic.

The London Olympics 2012 is just around the corner, and our head of state will not state to salute Australian athletes in Australian national pride but will support the British athletes as they vie to compete against Australian athletes.

Whilst it does seem inopportune to mention the R word it is still relevant and still in the back of many people’s mind especially as we await the 65th year of Her Majesty’s reign to surpass Queen Victoria’s reign, it may seem more opportune then to consider the ineluctable transition to republicanism for Australia.

For the more astute progressive thinkers we are about to embrace a new age of nationalism a revitalisation and regeneration of the Republican movement with ARM still keeping the fire burning even in times of uncertainty and apathy.

We still need more members.

2012 Queensland Branch Council calendar
in Branch NewsQueensland
Wed, 18/01/2012 (All day) – Mon, 31/12/2012 (All day)
18 January 2012 – Queensland Branch Council meeting

14 March 2012 – Queensland Branch Council meeting

12 May 2012 – Queensland Branch Council Training Day, 10am – 3pm

June 2012 – Movie Night, Palace Barracks Cinemas (date to be confirmed)

July 2012 – Republic Upstairs (place and date to be confirmed)

11 July 2012 – Queensland Branch Council meeting

12 September 2012 – Queensland Branch Council meeting

28 September 2012 – Australia for a Republic Ball, Novetel

October 2012 – Movie Night, Palace Barracks Cinema (date to be confirmed)

14 November 2012 – Queensland Branch Council meeting

22 November 2012 – XMas Function, Queensland Legislative Council chamber (with Guest Speaker), followed by Parliamentary Riverside BBQ area

All ARM members are welcome to attend Queensland Branch Council meetings and all functions. For more details contact:

Glenn Davies

Queensland State Convener

Thank you

Mr. Tim Tufuga

Australian Republican Movement  (Queensland Branch Councillor 2012-13)


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