The Australian Federal Election 2010 hinges on a Hung Parliament. By Tim Tufuga

Talofa lava,
The Australian Federal election 2010 has been and gone and what of the outcome? There is no clear winner. The two party system of politics in Australia has become balanced by a no clear majority outcome. The present two major political parties within Australian federal politics is determined by mainstreaming democracy which differs very little in ideological terms. Both major political parties have a very similar agenda which has succeeded in confusing the electorate since they could not differentiate the overall political objectives of the major parties. The politics of personality has factored in and once again no one leader exhibited any charismatic value, no statesmenship aura, no cult following by a devoted electorate, except perhaps, Griffith, for the Kevin Rudd factor. Both political leaders are simply ho-hum politicians and the electorate seemed to agree at the ballot box. PM Julia Gillard was dismissed by one Liberal as a glorified Tea Lady walking the corridors in the House of  Representatives. The Budgie Smugglers did no real political sex appeal for an intended LNP Prime Minister.
So what does a Hung Parliament mean to the laity? It means simply the power of the minority in both the Senate and the House of Representative to affect true accountability by the tyranny of partisan politics. The vote by the minority independents will tip the scale over for any incumbent government to try and woo all prospective legislation decision-making process regardless of which party gains governmental incumbency. The independents in question are the Greens and non-aligned politically elected incumbents who will enjoy their new lease of power by siding with a party that will eventually form government. Regardless of whom the independents side with they will still winners since they will still be the intended coalition government.
The power of the minority independent elected official, in a liberal democracy, has never been so powerful as when it is at the fulcrum of a political balancing act which would tip the scale in favour of either major political party. Hence, the dilemma of a Hung Parliament. 
The checks and balance of the tyranny of democracy has been determined with the deciding vote of the independent party. The value of a Hung parliament is the power this gives to the minority in enforcing their will upon the tyranny of democracy or the rule by the majority.
Australian mainstream politics has always been the result of the mainstream populist agenda which has overwhelmed the political agenda of minority interest groups. The Greens, the various myriad of ulterior motivated political agendas from various political interest groups have often been overlooked and ignored by the two party political system. Australian mainstream detest Hung Parliaments, however, the minority political parties revel in their new lease of power.
What does this mean in real political terms?
Whomever forms government in 2010 will, at least, during this particular term in office, will forever be walking on eggshells. They will be much more accountable when proposing legislation in government. The elective dictatorship agenda of the First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) system has revealed its insidious outcome in liberal democracies which can only be overwhelmed with the present Hung parliamentary result.  
As a member of the minority in Australia I understand this situationof being disempowered, and being overwhelmed by the tyranny of the majority, albeit the purportedly silent, but, empowered, majority. However, when both political bellicose forces are evenly poised then the deciding factors falls upon the minority. This will in some sense hold parliament into ransom by the minority. That being said a liberal democracy would not be a liberal democracy without the benefit of an alternative political agenda ensuring that other political agendas are recognised and subsequently respected in Australia.
 As for the rest of us, well, unemployment and discrimination is overwhelming especially for the Pacific Islander population in Logan City who are either on Centrelink welfarism and are forever voting for the ALP in order to ensure that Workchoices Industrial Legislation is prevented in order to save their menial working conditions protection from being taken away by ruthless Liberal and National party austerity industrial relations measures. In the meantime, this does not neccesarily equate to job creation and let alone to avoid racism and bigotry at the workplace, particularly in the hiring stage. Most employers tend to select the Pacific Islander for menial and semi-skilled labour work, particularly in South East Queensland. This means, in some respects, tends to proffer an Aldous Huxley "Brave New World" class locality for the Pacific Islanders within Australian society. 
Indigenous Politics
For the Pacific Islander bigotry and racial discrimination at the workplace is most salient. This view is overwhlemed by the mainstream political agenda who in many respects are suffering from the white man burdens with the nominal symbolic politics with race relations amongst the indigenous people of this country. If Pacific Islanders are undervalued how accountable is the Australian mainstream political system towards the indigenous people? Australians mainstream political agenda is not very accounatable save only in the royal commission tokenism gestures in their hitherto oppressive institutions of the criminal justice system, vis-a-vis, the habitual and continual death in custody outcomes of many indigenous persons, etc.
Atonu ua lava fo’i lenei talanoaga mo lenei fo’i taimi, aua, ua vevela fo’i le fala, ma o le a fa’ata’oto lenei to’oto’o.
Ia Tofa soifua tatou mo lenei taimi.
O Tim Tufuga
Crestmead, Queensland.

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