The outrage of American Samoan soldiers having to take the INS US naturalisation ceremony.

I have just witnessed the ultimate humiliation for serving American Samoan soldiers within the United States Army’s Charlie and Bravo Company of the 100th Battalion within the 442nd Infantry Regiment of the United States Army National Guard. These American Samoans having served for ther US military are given the right to become citizens of their own country likened to the Australian Aborigines in 1967. I find this ceremony as a White Supremicist contrived outrage at the expense of the Samoan people and their race. The mere fact that the Territory is called American Samoa is indeed embarrassing enough afterall they are not even considered as Americans at all. As well as the fact that their head of state is President Barack Obama suggests to the world that they, the Samoans, are non-citizens in an American sovereign territory.
In actuality, American Samoa is an American sovereign territory being inhabitated by foreigners, albeit, the indigenous people of American Samoa, the Samoans themselves. Therefore, as foreigners living in an American territory they must become naturalised in order for them to legitimately live in American Samoa.
Samoans have proven themselves to be completely stupid! The White Supremicist constitutional formulators inadvertantly the members of the Ku Klux Klan, methinks, have pulled the wool over the Samoans constitutional myopic eyes. How valea and embarrassing.
The head of State of American Samoa is President Barack Obama, Congressman Eni Faleomavaega and Governor Togiola are not the constitutional head of state of American Samoa.
American Samoa must review its constitutional status in light of this constitutional outrage.

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