Annual AASAM competition May 6-20 2010 results.

The Australian Army skills at Arms Meeting (AASAM) saw 132 elite sharp shooters compete for various target competitions in Puckanpanyal, Victoria, on May 6-20, 2010. The competing nations included Singapore, PNG, New Caledonia,East Timor, Canada, Philipines, East Timor, Indonesia and Australia. The obvious absence this year was the NZ Army. 
In recent years Australia, NZ and Canada Army snipers have fared very ordinarily, with South East Asian Armies snipers proving very dominant. In keeping with traditions the TNI snipers or the Indonesian Army snipers won all comers shooting honours much to the chagrine of the host nation’s Australia Army best shooters.
 The TNI weapons of choice, the SS2-V4 5.56 mm and the Ultimax 100 light machine gun which are manufactured in Indonesia have proven to be rather superior in its accuracy as used by the Indonesian Army over the years. This weapon, as used by the TNI snipers have proffered a superior target acquisition accuracy above the Austyer F88 even with the latest scope modification improvements to the F88. The consistency of the SS2-V4 has proven to be much more accurate beyond reasonable doubt as used by the Indonesian sharp shooters over the past years of AASAM competitions. 
Australia has consistently relied upon US and European gun manufacturers for their small arm weaponary, relying upon the HK MP 5 SMG 9mm parabellem, the US M4 smg and the std M16 and the Austrian designed Styer over the years and they would have to re-consider the regional weapon designs which may, indeed, be superior as tried as tested weapons particularly as noted by recent AASAM competition results over the past decade or so.
In all sports, of military and or other sporting interests, apart from the Olympic and Commonwealth games shooting competitions, perhaps, the most militarily relevant competition for ascertaining the consistently superior sharp shooter, and elite military exponent, then, it would have to be indicative in the AASAM international competition.
Finally, Indonesia has consistently won the AASAM competition. However, this year, Australia has improved dramatically by coming second in their own AASAM competition which has become the highest rank in international competition for the Aussie Diggers. Remember this the TNI can only go one way.
Good luck, Soldier!
Tim Tufuga

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