Talking about Army – The Soldiers Newspaper : May 27th 2010, Page 1 – Defence Newspapers | The Soldiers Army

The Australian Military fair go principles have welcomed in their ultimate test with the recruitment of Pvt. Chol, a naturalised Sudanese Australian into the Australian Army. This highly precocious military element has come from a wartorn country Sudan. In the Darfur region has seen the present deployment of Australian military elements in Operation Azure which has been active since March 2005 and Operation Hedgerow in the Darfur. Notwithstanding, this military presence of the Australian and United Nations peacekeeping forces within Sudan, the past 20 years of instability in the region has prompted the Australian military to acquire the appropriate military, political and cultural awareness of the people and the hitherot displaced persons forced to refugee status to countries such as Australia.
The latest 8/9RAR enlistee is a multicultural exponent to augment the military awareness of international environments such as the North East African regions. It is an area renown for sectarian and anarchic instability. The Sunni militancy of the north eastern African region has become an all too familiar inimical environment as may be well illustrated in the action movie Blackhawk down in the Somali region. Needless to say, the Sudanese may not acquiese to the likes of the former warlord Aideed in Mogadishu, in Somalia, and that Sudan is a completely different country with its own unique cultural history, the universality of the Sunni form of Islamism is overwhelming throughout all of the eastern coastline of the African continent.  The Sudanese form of Islamism whilst it may be considered timid compared to the ravages of the Somalia civil war period in the early 1990s, the past twnety years of civil war has displaced millions of its own people. The fear being faced by a predominately judeao-Christian western countries, such as Australia, would require the absolute tolerance, and understanding, of the people of whom they may be forced to interact, to confide in, and, at worse, to take arms against.
The fear faced by non-Muslim elements within Australia may view this cultural tolerance of a Muslim element within the Australian military service has been considered as the ultimate test of a fair go. Thus far, this action of enlisting a highly astute political science and international relations graduate from a Sudanese ethnic background into the ADF, is indeed considered as a very meritocratic effort a truly a fair go by the Australian military. The only qualm and annoyance that may be said of this recruitment is the fact that although the Sudanses Australian has only lived in Australia for 8 years, he is a BA degree graduate, therefore, being a BA graduate, inadvertantly, means that the Sudanese Australian should have been given an ADF commission, and should have been an officer cadet, in Duntroon, and not an NCO. That being said, therefore, there is still come elements of unfairness within the ADF. 
As you were ladies and gentlemen!
Tim Tufuga

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