Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association hosts the inaugural Junior Touch Rugby tournament on the 30th May 2010

The Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) held the inaugural Junior Touch rugby tournament at the Whites Hill venue, at Camp Hill, Brisbane. The day began at 9am and continued all day with round robin matches culminating in age group finals in both girla and boys touch rugby levels from clubs all over South East Queensland. Perhaps the notable clubs were the BMTA Mustangs club, who were the hosts of the event, The Redland touch rugby club, The Coomera Comets touch rugby club, South Tweed heads Stingers touch rugby club, Ipswich touch rugby club which dsplayed some very fast and high quality touch rugby games at age group levels.
The under tens boys was to become a new experience for senior Touch Football Australia or Australian Touch Association referees unaccostumed to the half field dimensiosn for the boys and girls in the under ten category. That being said the quality of the precocious touch rugby players were very impressive indeed. The ball handling skills and game play of these young up and coming footbals stars was simply dazzling even for much older players of touch rugby to watch. The pace of the game was surprisingly fast although the under tens were ordered to await the dummy halfs pass to the first receiver before they were permitted to advance in order to effect a touch. The kids complied with all the rulings made by the referees without dissent of protestation, which would ease the guiltful minds of some mediocre referee decisionmaking on the day. It seemed easier to referee kids who did not whinge back at refereeing decisions than to referee the under 12s and under 14 who seemed more inquisitive of the referee’s inability to see what they can see. Overall, the under tens games were entertaining simply becauers of the enthusiasm by all particpants to the game of touch rugby which is taken very seriously indeed.
The mismatches did occur when the under 12s were matched up against he under 14s and the size and the results of the games simply confirmed this mismatch on the day.
There were some injuries which was to be expected on a day full of passionate touch rugby players. Overall, the most common of injuries were grazes, or slight abrasions, or grass burns, caused by spectacular tryscoring dives by players, which resulted in these self inflicted injuries.
There were referees aplenty on the day. Often there would three referees per game which was unusual but it made the energy sapping single referee chore less taxing.
At around 4.30pm after the final whistle was blown for the end of the finals of each respective category, the end of proceedings for the day were the prize giving and medals for the champions on the day.
The winners were to proceed further to the State junior tournament in July, 2010. The end of the tournament saw the winners were grinners and the vanguished applauded politely whilst the round robin dropouts had long ago departed the venue for their respective clubs and homes. It was a tiresome day. A time to unwind at home and to reflect on the days actions over a nice hot meal after a nice warm shower or bath and talking some animately of their games and the hastened sleep to end the day.
What a day folks, you should’ve been there! 
Tim Tufuga 10pm Sunday 30th may 2010

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