Back on Spaces.

After changing my blog pages onto other websites, I have returned to Spaces on the 22nd May, 2010. I have been absent from Spaces for the past two years and I have closed off my old webpage.
This is a new look Spaces which I am test driving through at the present moment. As I feel my way through this new look Windows Live, I am somewhat lost in the present pages realising that I had inputted so much in my previous Windows Spaces of years gone by. I feel somewhat deflated having to restart from scratch. I have noted that on my older Windows Live Spaces, in which I had years of archived blogs, and video uploads. Some of my blogs have been interesting, some, rather trite, trivial, and downright outrageous. I have considered my lifetime on the internet as a lifestyle that is completely symbiotic, perpetually eclectic in its evolutionary process, and, at times, amorphous in its accumulation of thoughts and ideas from whereever.
I am pleased to return to spaces and I still realise the familiar blog conditions which I have gotten used to in years gone by. I feel somewhat of a veteran in blogging circles and it has been considered as a self indulgent intellectual experiment and an intellectual exercise in sharing some of my thoughts and ideas to the world. Times have changed and yet some constants remain the same. Certainly, there is some truism in the fact that despite the perpetual web surfing and changing of websites and blogsites over the years I have remained in the same living physical abode, with the familiar confines of my home and blogging from familiar surroundings to the world at large. I have had some good responses over the years from my blogs, from persons, and, then again, I have had some very hairy moments when people have responded physically to some of my blogs over the years by attacking my house and property. I have seen it all now, except for the real dangers that perpetual transparency of thought and ideas would compel and impel some people to act upon the power of pursuasion and influence and or indignant outrage of the mighty pen.
I have realised that intellectual property is not protected under the blogging world over the internet. Some of my works have been considered as plagiarism and, perhaps, I may have quoted from some source, and that I may have forgotten to quote the source. However, more often than not, most of my blogs are from my own thoughts and ideas which I would convey to the world, via, these blogs. More to the point, I am aware that intellectual property is no longer considered as quantifiably and qualitatively given its due merit, or kudos, due to the uncertainty of the authenticity of the intellectual property sources. I have been a victim of this breach of intellectual patent but such is life, we must realise that we are quoted and mis-quoted as well as quoted out of context and would often be considered as a misunderstood person, who has put pen to paper, or has hit a computer keyboard. Still, I have continued to blog over the years and reveal my two cents worth. In all honesty, I do not feel overly offended by the inimical responses from detractors. In fact, I would certainly welcome any source of criticism provided that it is considered in my view as intellectually relevant. Outright mindless diatribe I would ignore as childish rabble raising. I found alot of this on my Yahoo blogs. 
So, here I am folks, I have returned to Spaces.
Tim Tufuga

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